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Industrial Mineral Services Ltd has, over the past 12 years, been at the forefront in providing minerals and materials to an ever increasing and diverse range of manufacturing sectors. Our products can be seen in all sorts of ordinary, yet essential consumer products, from coloured glass, house bricks, roof tiles, ceramic products, detergents, steel, paints, concrete and even within the motor car that you are driving around in today.


We await any valued enquiries that you may have and will strive to provide you with a product that meets or often exceeds your expectations.




Industrial Mineral Services Ltd was founded in 2002. Based at Madeley, Cheshire, we supply and process a wide range of industrial mineral and raw materials, serving the Glass, Ceramic, Foundry, Paint, Plastic, Refractory and Chemical industries.


Industrial Mineral Services Ltd combines over 50 years of experience with the latest production technology to formulate and manufacture the highest quality products to meet the most demanding applications.

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